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Over the years i've gone through a good amount of RPG Maker gems and I have to say that these really are very well made and as such i'd thought i'd share them with my fellow DA friends so they too can go through them and feel both the happiness and joy that each one brings. :>

Demon Legacy:   RTP needed to run DL here:     Despite its flaws it has a very well-written story comparable to that of the True End of Record of Agarest War and that's a good thing.  Most RPG gems out these days are just plain horrible, this one is of the few that still shine to this day. ^^   And, if you're a fan of past RPG titles such as Parasite Eve and the FF series then you'll immediately notice not only familiar songs but also the fact that Demon Legacy uses a good amount of FF VII and ALTTP sounds as well, perfect for retro-lovers such as I. :iconyayzplz:

The Longing Ribbon:   RTP needed to run TLR:   Another EXTREMELY obscure RPG Maker gem that really deserves more love than it gets nowadays... :(    Frights and scares await you, not for the easily-scared.   Also, all the text found in books stashed in bookcases are ALL from Real-Life books, no kidding. :nod:  

Super Mario RPG The Seven Sages:   Same RTP that DL needs to run on:     A very well made SMRPG (Super Mario RPG ) gem that is very balanced and very fun to play.  Those who remember SMRPG Legend of the Seven Stars will instantly love this. :D 

Star Stealing Prince:    RTP needed to run SSP:      Yet another very obscure gem, it is EXTREMELY well made and it has a good story to it as well, definitely worth a try as I enjoyed it fully and still do to this very day. :nod: 

Wine & Roses:      RTP needed to run W & R:…     Another VERY obscure gem, and a damn good one at that, give it a try.   Don't let the initial look that it's too difficult fool you, when it says "Powerful demons that will destroy you unless you outsmart them"  it MEANS " Powerful demons that will destroy you unless you outsmart them"! :P  Once you get the hang of it, defeating foes will be easy enough to do as some require unique strategies so don't let them get you down like they did to me, that's what some bosses are meant to do. XD lol 

All of these are 100% free to get.  Yup, you heard me right, 100% FREE, so enjoy each to your heart's content. ^-^
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  • Listening to: DL - God/Goddess battle theme
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  • Playing: Demon Legacy
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  • Drinking: Water

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Excuse me, but I really don't appreciate you talking bad about my artwork. So please stop. And don't call me a boy when I'm a girl. 
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It wasn't my intent to mistake your gender, I apologize again for the error I made but still, you cannot deny the source of the images is all, I am merely speaking the truth so I apologize if it hurts but it's still the truth that they are from MGQ... :<
SonicMHedgehog Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Like I've said many times, they're mine. I have the sketches somewhere in my room. I drew the monster girls, scanned them onto my computer, and added the backgrounds. The design is based off of MonsterGirlQuest, as are the backgrounds. 
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Alright fine, i'll drop it but it wouldn't hurt to shows some credit to the original source via their wiki pages at the very least, just to show how it was drawn from so people like me won't get confused is all. :<
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