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I haven't been able to get it out of my head as of late but I keep getting the nagging feeling that, by the end of the second season of RWBY, someone or some people will die if not just one, and don't think it will be limited to Team RWBY either, it may also happen to the supporters/contributors of the White Fang as well as any close Loved Ones of either faction or even of just the Beacon academy's personnel/staff itself.   It's just a strong feeling I have since the story is starting to mirror a certain series from Konami in a VERY similar way let me tell you...  VERY similar indeed... :icontrueviolaplz:    My money's on either Blake or Cinder Fall dying.   It would be just like in Mega Man X, when :iconzero--plz: dies and from then onward :iconmegamanxplz: is forever unwavering to his cause/goals and will let nothing...  NOTHING stand in his way of avenging those who lives were lost due to Sigma's betrayal as well as seeking justice from the corrupted Maverick-infected individuals that perform injustice against both humanity and reploid-kind, the same can be said for Team RWBY since, like Ozpin says at the beginning episode:  "But right now they're still children, so why not let them play the part?  After all,  it isn't a role they'll have forever..."  A clear indication that something will spark, something so tearful and heart-breaking that will inwardly transform them into what they need to be, just like a certain few other characters I know of.  They are hardly a match for the True Foe they have yet to face as they are now as they'd fail miserably with the laughable strength they have for now in the story I can tell, but one day, like the other character from the other series, they will be ready...  Just not yet while they are still "children" after all... ^^;   Sorry if this offends you RWBY-Lovers but make no mistake, I too love RWBY (not as much as RVB but that's besides the point... ^^; ) but you have to admit that something like this or even just similar to this WILL occur inevitably, thus forcing them to transform from "children" to what they need to be... to even have the strength they do not yet have to face the True Foe of which they have yet to face in a real fight... :icontrueviolaplz:  

Since this is in fact a journal I made, i'm sure it'll just either be ignored and left in the dust like usual or be flamed upon.  Either way it's still my journal so I won't be violating any group rules and whatnot.  Don't like my theories?  Feel free to leave then, I won't mind one bit. ;)
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thanks c:
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:iconnaviplz: :iconsaysplz: Hey, Listen!

Welcome to Boy-Without-A-Fairy! Thank you so much for joining; we're really excited to have you here! Please enjoy your stay, and let the admin. know if you have any questions or concerns! :D (Big Grin)

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SonicMHedgehog Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Excuse me, but I really don't appreciate you talking bad about my artwork. So please stop. And don't call me a boy when I'm a girl. 
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner 3 days ago
It wasn't my intent to mistake your gender, I apologize again for the error I made but still, you cannot deny the source of the images is all, I am merely speaking the truth so I apologize if it hurts but it's still the truth that they are from MGQ... :<
SonicMHedgehog Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Like I've said many times, they're mine. I have the sketches somewhere in my room. I drew the monster girls, scanned them onto my computer, and added the backgrounds. The design is based off of MonsterGirlQuest, as are the backgrounds. 
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Alright fine, i'll drop it but it wouldn't hurt to shows some credit to the original source via their wiki pages at the very least, just to show how it was drawn from so people like me won't get confused is all. :<
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Thank you once again for your comment on my Old Snake cosplay!
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heh and welcome ot the watch.
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Thanks for your fave :D
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